L Series


Capable of handling pressures up to 500 barg (7.252 psi) and flowrates up to 5.500 lt (1.210 gph) in single-head configuration, the plunger L series pump is ideal demanding industrial applications such as high-pressure boiler feed, catalysts dosing, scale and corrosion inhibitors dosing.  Designed to meet the highest standards in metering industry, this positive return plunger pump has a modular design that can house multiple heads to perfectly match your dosing needs. Separate oil reservoirs reduce the risk of oil contamination of process liquid and ensures steady and accurate output.


  • Flow rate from 0,2 to 5.500 l/h (0,04 to 1.210 gph)
  • Working pressure up to 500 barg or 7.252 psi
  • Chemical resistant coated cast iron enclosure
  • AISI 316 and PVC liquid end
  • Manual stroke length adjustment, electronic actuator available
  • Built-in relief valve, air purge valve and self-replenishing hydraulic system
  • Built-in diaphragm rupture detection system
  • Capable of handling fluid temperatures up to 280°C
  • Steady-state accuracy ±1%, linearity ±3%, repeatability ±3%
  • API675 and ATEX 2014/34/UE compliant