Engineering & Construction

As a result of experience and technical expertise gleaned from projects of domestic and overseas plants, KOVIS E&C has continued to provide various Mechanical Packages in the plant EPC business.

We are putting our efforts into the growth of our current business such as Oil Refineries, Gas Processing Plants, Petrochemical Plants and Power Plants while expanding our business.

Refinery Chemical Petrochemical Plant

KOVIS’s major business range is EPC Total Service & Management System (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

Kovis provides clients with the best possible services in all phases of projects (Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance).

Our major completed projects

Our major completed projects are the RPLC Deep Conversion Project, Jurong Aromatic Complex Project, Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project, Esmeraldas Refinery Rehabilitation PROJECT PHASE II, Nghi Son Refinery Complex Project…

Based on the above experience we are expanding our business.

Power Plant Solar Power

Kovis entered the power plant business in 2013.

Our major completed projects are

Our major completed projects are O Mon Thermal Power Plant, Lixil Global Vietnam Factory.

We are expanding our power plant business and in addition to expansion of our markets.

Solar inverters

With annual capacity more than1GW, DASS Tech covers Residential, Commercial, Utility scales based on high efficiency more than 98%.

Premium quality and competitive prices make us be here but, we keep developing products toward high energy efficiency & customer satisfaction for successful renewable energy generation.

Industrial Plant

We started building Industrial Plants EPC business in Vietnam

We started building petrochemical plants EPC business in Vietnam. We are planning to expand overseas market.

Petrochemical Complex In South Of Vietnam is the first Industrial Plants project of Kovis in this market.

Approved Vendor of EPC:

Approved Vendor of EPC:

The process of selecting suppliers is a strategic process involving multiple departments within an organization. It directly impacts the performance of time, safety, quality, and cost indicators, and if properly performed can give a competitive edge to companies delivering engineering procure construct (EPC) projects.

Kovis is one of the few companies in Vietnam named in the approved Vendor of EPC Company, such as: SK E&C, Hyundai E&C, GS E&C, Samsung E&C, Technip FMC…