Since 2009, KOVIS Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd has been established as a Global Venture company No.11 by SK Engineering & Construction in Korea.

However, Kovis operated independently since 2012 until now.



Throughout our history, KOVIS E&C has continued to provide various Mechanical Packages, Steel Structures, Platforms & Ladders and Construction Works for many Oil Refineries, Gas Processing Plants, Petrochemical Plants and Power Plants in Vietnam and Oversea Projects, to bring abundance and happiness to your life.



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Happiness - Passion - Dream

On behalf of KOVIS Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd, welcome to our homepage. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for all your support to KOVIS E&C with kind interest and encouragement. Since its establishment in 2009, KOVIS E&C made continuous and rapid growth every year with a goal to be one of the biggest names in the Engineering & Construction Companies in Vietnam


Staffs are the most important assets of an organization.
They have contributed to the success of KOVIS.


KOVIS E&C, have carried out various mechanical packages, structures, Platforms and Ladders for many oil and gas projects in Vietnam and overseas.

Construction Works

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KOVIS Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd

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