Manpower supply for NPK Fertilizer Plant Project

Korea-Vietnam Fertilizer Co., Ltd. (KVF) has invested in NPK fertilizer plant in Ho Chi Minh City with the total capital of 60 million USD. The project is being implemented in Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park with a capacity of 360,000 tons of various kinds of NPK fertilizer products with different nutrient content per year. Its products will be distributed in Vietnam and exported to South East Asia, Japan, Korea…

In order to achieve high quality, the main contractor SC Engineering designs and builds factory according to global standards under a license of INCRO (Spain), ISO 9001/ISO12001 about quality and environmental management.

KOVIS E&C has won the bidding of SC Construction, provides 104 workers for NPK Fertilizer Plant Project, including supervisor, structure engineer, foreman, fitter, welder, helper, scaffolding worker… for steel structure/platform, duct, punch clearing/piping work, hydrostatic test, scaffolding worker and container keeper.

KOVIS E & C offers the manpower supply package from 2017 to 2018 with a working time of 10 hours per day.

KOVIS E & C ensures the productivity and efficiency of the workforce are stable as the requirement of SC Engineering contractor.