Kovis Attended Training Course At Hy-Lok Corporation Korea

From 18th July 2016 to 21st July 2016, KOVIS’s team attended the training course that was being held at Hy-Lok Korean Corporation. KOVIS is known as a distributor of Hy-Lok Corporation in Vietnam segment.

Due to demand of supporting KOVIS’s members to approach more knowledge and practical experiences about HY-LOK’s products. Training course had been prepared about facility, training content by trainers who are staffs from Hy-Lok. We’ve received an abundance of knowledge about Tube Fittings, Structure, Functions of Valves, How to choose, assembling and re-assembling. Furthermore, we also had valuable opportunity to visit 4 HY-LOK factories that helps us to get an insight view of it operation.

During this course, we have known more about the scale, extensive network of HY-LOK Corporation. With a total market presence in over 46 countries, 106 distributors worldwide, HY-LOK had absolutely proven to be the big corporation in providing all kinds of accessories of instrumentation, valves, controls, and tube for most of the projects in the oil and gas industry in the world.

Hopefully, KOVIS and HY-LOK are continuously keep developing to developing this good long-term relationship.  With criteria of providing the highest satisfaction, the best quality for customers, KOVIS will further expand the HY-LOK’s market in Vietnam.

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