10,000,000 Safe Man – Hours Contribution Award for Long Son Petrochemical LSP

On 10 November 2021, KOVIS awarded Medal for contribution in achieving another major milestone 10,000,000 Safe Man – Hours without LTI/ RWC/ MTC from TPSK.

These accomplishment are clearly the results of excellent commitment and performance of all employees to existing HSE Policy of Long Son Petrochemical LSP Project .
Kovis contributed 1,000,000 Safe Man-Hours to TPSK at Long Son Petrochemical LSP Project in advance.
We are committed to continuing to maintain and improve continuously for safe compliance, enhance awareness and work efficiency to complete the project in the best way.

Taking this opportunity, Kovis would also like to congratulate TPSK on this memorable milestone and thank all Kovis employees for their great contributions.