1,000,000 Safe Man – Hours Contribution Award for Long Son Petrochemical LSP

KOVIS awarded Certificate 1,000,000 Safe Man – Hours Contribution from TPSK (Technip & SKEC Consortium) at 9.30 a.m on June 26th 2020.

In order to contribute to the success of the project, it is indispensable for the contribution of each individual and every business in keeping the safety and quality for themselves, businesses and projects.

The celebration – a milestone of 1,000,000 hours of safety for TPSK was held at 9:30 ‘on June 26, 2020, at the TPSK TCF Open Parking area.

KOVIS is one of the contractors involved in implementing Long Son Petrochemical LSP Project from the early days. We always consider Health, Safety, Quality, Environmental performance to be the most prime importance to our business and commit to leading for Sustainable Development.

KOVIS hopes not only to achieve 1,000,000 safe working hours for the project but also will achieve millions of safe working hours for the coming months.


Appreciation For 1,000,000 Safe Man – Hours Contribution is Presented To KOVIS


General View

Team’s Kovis took picture with other contractors

Kovis representative received the certificate